Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thank you for sharing your children with me. They have blessed my life! We had an awesome school year! <3 Have a great summer!

Jackson Pollock Day... It was a beautiful day to have fun as a class one last time in second grade! <3

Friday, May 18, 2018

May 21st- May 25th:
Monday: Will be a fairly normal work day. Kona Ice Truck will make a visit after lunch. We will spend the afternoon building STEAM water vessels that will navigate 5 lego people to an island destination with the help of Electra and students coding abilities.

Tuesday: "Morning of Art"
Students will spend the afternoon testing out their STEAM water vessels and coding ability.

Wednesday: Clean out desks in the morning. Please send in a trash bag just in case things don't fit into their backpack.
Jackson Pollock Day in the afternoon.

*Jackson Pollock Day will be Wednesday, May 23rd

Your child will get a chance to paint like an artist!

Please send a bag of old clothes to change into for the afternoon. Your child will also probably want an old pair of shoes (some use gym shoes since your child will most likely grow into a new size over the summer, or they can use their regular shoes and plan to use the gym shoes to replace the painted old tennis shoes). Students will have paint on their clothes but I will try to allow time for the paint to dry. You might want to throw an old beach towel or trash bag on your car seat before you pick them up. More than likely you will want to just throw their clothes away, so please send something old that can be discarded.
*Dawn Walgate, Christi Braswell, Christi Wegener, Lisa Cooseman, Becca McBroom will
be helping us out on Jackson Pollock Day! Thank you!

Thursday: Meet in the classroom and then head over for closing chapel. Dismiss at 10:00.

Reflecting on our week: Today we did a Breakout session! Students must use problem-solving skills to solve clues that will unlock several locks securing a prize. The prize was a second-grade memory book. We used a theme from the movie Inside Out. The Inside Out theme brings all of our emotion and relationship learning together that we have worked on throughout the year.